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Cooper came into our lives after a very difficult experience of losing our four year old King German Shepherd to cancer. We knew we needed a dog in our lives not only to help us heal but to fulfill our lives in a way only a dog can, especially a Golden. I didn't know how I would feel when it came down to committing to a puppy. I was afraid I would feel guilt for moving on but once I met Dee and spent time with the puppies I knew it was the right decision for me and my husband. It struck us how conscientious Dee was about the puppies when she asked us to wash our hands before holding them and had us take off our shoes so they weren't exposed to anything from outside. We knew they were well cared for and loved. We love Cooper so much and don't know what we would do without our curious, energetic, and lovable guy. He has filled a void in our lives that he will never understand.


- Kelly Ribeiro

We are very pleased that we chose to get our Golden Retriever from the Welhaf family.  From the beginning we knew that this breeder cared about her dogs very much.  This was not just a business to sell dogs.  We were invited into their home after the litter was born to look and play with all the puppies.  Our family on numerous occasions spent time playing with the puppies so that we could get a great feeling on which puppy we were going to pick when it was our turn.  Our Golden has been healthy from the beginning and we have not had any problems at all.  Golden Retrievers are wonderful around children and other dogs.


-Pete & Jan Dolf


In the Summer of 2012 we were ready to add a healthy Golden Retriever to our family of 3 young and active sons - 11, 8 and 5 years old. It was a very confusing process and we weren't sure where to go or who to trust. We were referred to Dee by a family member that already had 2 Golden Retrievers from her. Well, the rest is history - my family will never use another breeder for our beloved dogs. Words can’t express how amazing Dee and her whole family have been. We can’t thank them enough for giving us the gift of our happy, healthy and beautiful retriever, Lily -- who has become a 4th child that we will love for many years to come.  If you are looking to add a dog to your family to love for years to come - there is no other breeder to choose than Dee Welhaf and her loving family. She loves her dogs and puppies as if they were her own kids. Dee will  welcome you into her family as she did mine, when we visited to watch our sweet Lily grow week after week.  Dee was careful to answer all of my questions and offer advice when asked. All of her puppies stay with their mom, are loved and play together in a safe home environment. It was an experience my husband, 3 young boys and I will never forget. If you are not sure what breeder to go to - stop looking - there is no other choice. You are getting a puppy that has been loved and cared for like no other.We are so happy with our decision and our family has been made complete with Lily (birthday 12-27-2012). Thank you so much for everything and the best experience ever, Dee!!! ~


The Hollenbach's (Cindy, Sean, Zachary, Jake & Dean)


We can not thank Dee and her lovely family enough for our dear sweet Gouda.  He is an absolute joy and brings so much happiness to whomever he encounters.  He is so loving, unbelievably smart and affectionate, and not to mention, he is known to stop traffic with his smashing good looks and charm.  People often say he looks like a show dog because of his walk and stance.  Let’s just say, it was truly hard deciding amongst the litter, and I’m certain all the other “parents” must say the same of their chosen one. 


From the first time we went to visit Dee and meet her puppies, we knew it would be a great experience.  She is just so wonderful and her professionalism is bar none. She genuinely cares about this breed, their health, and makes sure to put them in the right hands. 


Dee was always super informative and available for any questions we had.  We definitely plan on going to Dee for another addition to the family once Gouda is a bit more grown up (he’s only 1 year old) . 


- Ari, Pierre and Eva ( NYC ) 


Over the last eight years Comet has given us many happy memories and we hope the pictures will give you a taste of some of them. In fact, his birthday was just last week.

Comet quickly became a big, lovable part of our family and has been a joy to have in our house. He loves going for walks around the neighborhood, and is always there for us when we feel down. 

He is a very beautiful and friendly Golden Retriever as you can see in the pictures.  He's been complimented by tons of people on his big, fluffy charm, and vibrant looks.

 - The Morrisons


Our family has two dogs from Dee.                   One is 1 year old and the other is 7.  They are absolutely amazing.  They are the most beautiful, easy going and kind dogs.  Louie and Bettis are great with other dogs, kids and people in general!  Dee was so helpful with both our decisions on getting a puppy.  She is very professional and very family oriented.  I would recommend all my family and friends to Dee for a new puppy!


-Chelsea Kail

Louie & Bettis

Where could we possible start when talking about Bentley! Disposition? Behavior? Endless loving? We could sum it up in a short video – our 11 month old daughter crawling over to him issuing the war cry of “aaaaaah….aaaah….aaaah” and Bentley dutifully laying on his side – patiently awaiting for her to pull herself up onto him with tiny fistful’s of hair getting ripped out but with Bentley not even flinching during it. Her laying on him with arms outstretched over his body and shoulders, repeatedly placing her cheek against him, picking her head up to look at us, at him, then resting her head cheek down on him again – him still not flinching. Perhaps our 3 year old son – suddenly eyeballing Bentley resting peacefully from across the room and bee line’s over to him and straddles him like a horse. Not to pretend he’s riding him – simply because he figured he’d continue on whatever he was doing only from a seated position on Bentley’s shoulders….and Bentley again doesn’t move. Or maybe it’s out 4 year old daughter requiring Bentley to lie on her carpet beside her bed at night or checking to make sure he’s taken up his post in the hallway just outside her door as the bedtime books are ritualistically read. Or we could send a video of his groaning in happiness when we return home, wagging his tail and sneaking in a cold nose to your hand. Pictures – probably more than some have of their own children – are plentiful. Bentley squeezed into a tight black tank-top as a ‘north jersey dog’ (insert paw-pumping here), wearing sunglasses or a birthday hat, packed into a green Eagles dog-football jersey – and many more costumes to come as our children get older and more creative with their patient and tolerant “big brother”. Perhaps an audio of his terrifying, instinctive, protective mode growl-bark - he’s already willingly put himself in between our family and what he perceives as a threat – and that sound is enough to make any unsuspecting delivery person use our lawn in the same manner that Bentley does every day – if you know what I mean. Yet – once he establishes the trust – he’ll approach you with a tail wag so vicious the lower 60% of his torso joins into the dance. We’re not sure that we could adequately sum up what Bentley means to us – he’s the complete package and it’s not only hard but saddening to even start to imagine a life without him….. waiting for us to get up every morning and seeing us off to bed every night. We unconditionally love Bentley – just as he unconditionally loves us. Thank you, Dee, for introducing Bentley into our lives, our memories and our hearts.


- John, Bianca & Family



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