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Sandy Par


Born June 1, 2002


Our Great Grandmom is still young at heart and tries her best to keep up with her daughter, grandaughter and great granddaughters.  Sandy loves visitors especially if they bring her a treat!  She lives for love and affection and has become quite clever at finding her way into my grandson's beds. She has brought us so much joy and has made many families happy with her puppies through the years.  

Savannah's Fairway

Born April 2, 2008


Meet my husband's princess.  Savannah is exceptionaly intellegent therefore mischevious at times.  Her speed and beauty are incredible. Savannah believes it is her job to watch over our entire family.

She continues to nurture her daughter and following in her mother's footsteps, she is also making people happy with her puppies.

Sophie's Green


Born December 28, 2010


We did not plan on keeping a puppy from this litter, but Sophie worked her way into our hearts with her unbelievable personality.  She is extremely mellow, gentle and calm.  Sophie's only desire is to be near people.  She has an "old soul".

All who meet her, fall in love with her.

She is an excellent mother.


Maya Mountain Rose

Born March 29, 2014

Maya has found her place in our hearts and home.  She is gentle, smart and loving.  Maya enjoys making friends with people and other animals, including our cats.  She is our own version of Air Bud, especially with soccer balls. She loves the water and is adventurous with kayaking, fishing, boating, swimming in the bay and playing in ocean waves. Maya is just not a shore dog though, she loves the mountains too.  Maya runs side by side with four wheelers to her favorite pond where she could swim for hours.  Maya has been a gift to our family and we could not be more thankful and more in love!

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