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Meet our Beautiful Girls 

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Christophers Good Golly Miss Molly

Born February 16, 2020


Molly has been our “special girl” right from the start.  From her silly personality, calm disposition, and regal way about her, she is the complete package.  Her love knows no boundaries, ready with kisses whenever possible so it’s easy to say when she became a mom we did not have any worries about the love these puppies would receive.  From swimming in the ocean, going into the office with me, crossing her legs when she sits and so much more, Molly always puts a smile on everyone’s faces that she meets.  




Maisie Meadow Lily


Born May 2, 2016


Maisie has brought nothing but constant surprise and endless laughter to our lives from the moment she was born.  Having expected a "Mini" of her mother Maya, Maisie has given us that and much more.  Maisie is our free spirit, neighborhood sweetheart and always "talking/singing" companion.  Her incredible intelligence is equally matched by her want to love and be loved.  She, just like her mother, is one of a kind in her own special way!  Maisie has a way of leaving her paw print on every person's heart that she meets.  






Samantha Roberts Sunshine

Born November 30, 2018

Samantha lives each day for love, playing, cuddling and more love.  She lays on her back with her belly in the air hoping for rubs.  She chases every butterfly, watches birds and tries to kiss toads.  The only thing she loves as much as us is water.  Trying to swim in her water bowl as she grew became a challenge.  We are always greeted with Samantha's enthusiastic kisses every time she sees us!


Scarlett Sunset on the Bay

Born April 6, 2019

We have not experienced a gift like Scarlett before.

At only 2 months of age, she has the personality and wits of her elders.  Every day brings  new challenges in which she takes on with a confidence that leaves us in awe, yet laughing at her little puff ball and round puppy features.  She has incredible spunk. When looking in the mirror, Scarlett does not see a small dog, but one that is ready to take on the world.  We are enjoying her hilarious puppy antics and look forward to watching her grow into the dog she already sees in the mirror.   

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